YMU is committed to fostering the integrated development of a young man’s God-given talents: spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and aesthetically.  While preparing him for further education, his life’s work and social interaction, YMU reaches beyond these goals to produce a growing love of learning and enthusiasm for life that will enable him to meet ever-changing challenges.  All involved with YMU work to achieve this development by personal concern for each student, competitive educational programs, distinctive progressive positive spirit and a formative sense of community.  This is done in the hope that its efforts to develop the whole person each graduates will become “Men,” dedicated to serving God and humanity and guided by a profound sense of justice.
YMU Academy is a God Centered system of “Result Driven Thought” and as such has both academic and spiritual dimensions which merge into a single purpose, that of forming young men to be “Men of God.”
The impetus for YMU Academy’s philosophy is the gospel of Jesus the Christ with its commands to love God and to love one’s neighbor as oneself.  As a school, these commands are further specified by our vision and the one reality that is absolute, with all other reality coming from God and having value only insofar as it leads us to God.  Our function, to the best of our ability, is to lead young men to use all of reality to achieve the greatest fulfillment of their lives within this context of a God-centered universe.
Jesus the Christ is at one and the same time both the manifestation of God, who shows himself to be radically in favor of humanity, and the perfect human response, through service to others, to that love of God for humanity.  Jesus shows us an “Abba” – Father – who knows and loves each man and woman personally, and who invites a response which, to be authentically human, must be an expression of radical freedom.  The purpose of the YMU community is to enable young men to make this response.  Moreover, such radical freedom presupposes a freedom to give of oneself, while accepting the consequence of one’s actions, and a freedom to work in faith toward that true happiness which is the purpose of life and which results from laboring with others in the service of the Kingdom of God for the healing of creation.
Jesus the Christ comes also as Savior. The YMU community is called to engage in an ongoing struggle to recognize and work against the obstacles that block or limit freedom including the effects of sinfulness, while developing in young men capacities such as self-discipline and discernment which are necessary for the exercise of true freedom.  Such freedom requires a genuine knowledge, love, and acceptance of self, combined with a resolve to be rid of excessive attachment to wealth, fame, health, power or even life itself.  It would also include freedom from distorted perceptions of reality, warped values, rigid attitudes, or surrender to narrow ideologies.  Consequently, to work toward true freedom, one must learn to recognize and deal with the influences that can promote and limit freedom – both those arising from within one self and those resulting from the dynamics of history, social structures, and culture.
The loving response required in “Men of God” is one that cannot remain theoretical or speculative, but must rather manifest itself through decisive action: “love is shown in deeds.” YMU, in all that it does as an institution and a community, strives to aid young men to attain the genuine freedom required for a loving response to God’s loving invitation through service to God and humanity.
Goals of YMU
  • To encourage, through precept and example, the development of each scholar and readjustment of negative behavior.
  • To integrate the acceptance of truth with all of the disciplines in a manner enabling scholars to view themselves, all persons, and the world through the eyes of within the demarcations of truth.
  • To inspire and equip scholars to view learning as an interesting, valuable, satisfying endeavor and to see learning as a lifelong process
  • To lead scholars toward growing independence, able to apply wisdom in making choices and willing to take responsibility for themselves.
  • To emphasize the humanities: the study of man’s language, his literature, his artistic achievements, the record of his history, the logic of his mathematical reasoning, and other forms of his personal and cultural expression, and related subjects because they provide a knowledge of God’s nature and His work in this world.
  • To equip scholars to think deeply, analytically, flexibly, and imaginatively and to communicate clearly, concisely, fluently, and effectively.
  • To equip scholars to locate, evaluate, and use resources for finding information and to carry out a cycle of learning that involves thinking, planning, acting, reviewing, and revising.
  • To provide well-qualified, experienced, godly teachers who are sustained by the respect and support of a caring administration.
  • To provide teachers who are lifelong learners, who love children and who serve as intellectual and spiritual role models for the students.
  • To emphasize the student’s responsibility in his own learning.
Man 101
YMU’s programs have been created to offer continuous positive support to men.  YMU asserts first and foremost the importance of a “personal relationship” with God through Jesus the Christ. Here we say, “Know the man called Jesus (Isa) for you”. It is from this relationship each man develops with Christ will he be able to walk and follow the ways of Jesus, gaining understanding of his legitimate place and purpose for his life.
Exposure to more than what many young men see and hear each day is vital to developing a broader view of the world. We understand that in order to see the success hoped for consistency is perhaps the most impacting component.
The men of YMU will have the opportunity to develop relationships for the purpose of strengthening themselves with the aid of other men. Society continues to struggle with a question which in many communities has become proverbial. “Why can’t these young men see the destruction caused from selling drugs and gang activity?”  Even with considerations being given to all of the risk factors associated with illegal activities, the nature of the world seen by many young men today offers little or no hope for tomorrow.  However, when a relationship with Jesus is developed the word of God in the scripture gives sound and logical explanation answering the question “why” should a young man make changes in his life.  Simply stated, God wants good things for us in our lives.
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you and expected end.”   Jeremiah 29:11 KJV
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