About YMU

YOUNG MAN UNIVERSITY (YMU) and YMU Academy Cultural Readjustment Consulting Firm
The firm is designed to assist young men with a genuine desire to find their place in the world and for older men seeking to restore themselves to their legitimate place in the world as leaders. YMU offers clear choices and options based upon a man’s current stations in life. YMU believes that change is inevitable therefore; the need to attempt to force change is more often than not unsuccessful. However there is not only a need but an obligation to show the results that are realized from the choices all men make.
YMU does not accept or condone the ideal that a man can be “scared straight”. We believe that by sharing real life experiences from the hearts of men of all ages this will create a positive thought provoking and indelible impact in the lives of these young men. There are no magical formulas to aid in the proper growth of our young men. There are no incantations which can be uttered over them. At YMU we believe that there is however a Word that exceeds all others. We believe there is a name that is above all other names. In all our efforts here at YMU we call upon the name of Jesus The Christ. We rely solely upon His name, His Mercy and Grace for the wisdom and guidance needed to change the lives of all men. Amen!
MOG’s (Men of God) Saved by the Mercy and Grace of God through Jesus Christ
The Fellows of YMU have all experienced life in ways that caused destruction.  The members of YMU are “sock proof” Men of God, (MOG).  They share their lives from the heart.  Most importantly they all know from their own experiences and believe in their “heart of hearts” that there is “NO” place too far that God will not come with His Mercy and Grace to meet us when we call on Him.  Now, by the Grace and Mercy of God they have returned to those dark places from ”Whence They Came” to share not only their mistakes but how through God life has been restored. They pour out of their hearts to prevent others from realizing their tragedies hoping to spare them the hurts and sorrows they have known.  YMU is an environment that meets young men at their current place in life.
No matter what it is that you have done, it is not new. “No man can claim that this is new”
But when I became a man, I put away Childish things. 1 Corinthians 13:11