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What Young Man University has meant to my life

I meet Dr. Futrell or as most of us calls him Mr. J.R., in 2007. I had gotten in some trouble and someone told my grandmother that she should take me to meet him. At first I thought he was just another guy trying to tell me what I needed to be doing and this program was going to help me do better. I listened to him and he was real about what he was saying. What I remembered the most was that he told me was, that none of this will work no matter how good it looks or sounds unless I wanted it. He wasn't trying to force anything on me he said when I was ready he would be here waiting. I did get in more trouble, but even then he was always checking in on my family and encouraging me to do better. I have been out of prison for about 2 years now. I have a job and I've started a small business. I am a father to my two children and spend lots of time with them. I realize that what you shared with me was true and until I was ready nothing was going to work for me. Mr. J.R. I thank you and YMU for being there for me. Thank you for being a system and not just another government program. Most of all thank you for not forgetting the darkness that God carried you from. I always remember your favorite bible verse. (Great is His mercy to me who have delivered my soul from the lowest hell). Young Man University, helped changed my way of thinking. I'll never forget you Mr. J. R. , thank you for being a father and friend to many of us that was and are trying to come from the darkness to the light.

Maurice Blanchard

From the fire and ashes come Young Man University

Dear Brother J R,

For as many of, "us" whom you have taught, God has not forgotten you and He has taken all of your sorrows and pains, even what was your failures and set backs to raise YMU. I remember the day when you wrote the vision down my brother, because I was there. In a time filled with hopelessness, God knew that there was a hope on your horizons. What an awesome work God is using you and YMU to do. I encourage you to push forward and trust in God the Father. I pray the light of hope shines always on the 'Fellowship" of YMU. Bless you brother "Thought" (Bro J R). Amen

Kevin Drew

Thank you Brother

I want to say thank you to my brother, J R Futrell for being there for my son while I was loss in the wilderness. I thank you brother for standing in the gap for me and watching over my son and keeping the trouble away from him. I am a believer in Young Man University and the real work that you are doing to help not only our youth but for families and the communities also. I know that God is going to bless you and the work you are doing my brother. Stay strong and stay on the wall. We need you, God see the work you are doing even if no one else does. Thank you Doc J R.

Peace be unto you,

Brother MJ Rodgers

Micheal Ray Rodgers

Outstanding Vision for Men

I was introduced to Young Man University while I was in prison. I had about 18 months remaining on a 15 year sentence. I was in the reentry class, Freedom Over Release, taught by Dr. Futrell or Brother J.R. as we called him. It was a difficult class because it forced me to think about things I had never really spent time thinking about. Dr. Futrell is a great teacher and shared from his own life experiences to help other men find their way. I was recently released from custody and attended a event at Young Man University. I watched about 100 young men listen to a few men that were still in custody share their experience, and their dreams for the future. The young men where so respectful as they listened to the men share. I saw the respect that they had for Young Man University but the love and respect they had for Dr. Futrell. It was the same love and respect I saw from the men inside the prison. Young Man University is part of the reason that I have decided to change my life. I want to thank you especially Brother J.R. for never quitting on us or forgetting about the brothers behind the walls. I believe that Young Man University would be a help to any man young or old trying to find their way in the world. pray God's Blessing be upon you and Young Man University.

Rahiem Ali

Young Man University is a blessing

As a single mother of a 17 year old son, I was at my end trying to deal with him. My son was doing terrible in school failing most of his classes constantly being suspended and getting in all kinds of trouble including joining a gang. I have tried keeping him envolved at my church and other mentoring programs here in the city. He never seemed to want to participate. I was referred to Young Man University and we meet with Dr. Futrell. That was over a year ago, since he has been a part of YMU he has changed his life. My son has graduated from Pathways and because of the tutoring assistance he recieved from YMU. He has received his high school diploma. YMU helped him continue his education, he is going into his second year at SWCC and working at Federal Express. Thank you for helping my son to find the path to being the man God has called him to be. Amen
Ms Cassandra Phillips

Cassandra Phillips

An Effecrive Organization

This is an effective company which uses some of the most innovative methods to reach young men and give a positive outlook for the future. Dr. Futrell is a brilliant academician and expert in developing creative learning environments where young "scholars" may learn. Young Man University is a hybinger in the area of behavior modifications as well. I salute the leaders and staff of Young Man University for their work. I believe that they will reach new levels of success in the future.

Dr. Edroy Yancey
University of Memphis

Dr. Edroy Yancey
University Of Memphis


Young Man University may well be the remedy needed to address the ever growing problem among our young men. There system does not only address the uniqueness related to the problems of African American boys and men, but of all men regardless of their religion, race and color. I listen to a lecture by Dr. Futrell in Atlanta as he explained Young Man Univerity's 3 areas of focus. Spirituality (the knowledge od self), Academics, and Patriotism ( which was explain to mean your front yard first). There concepts and innovative methods will inevitably place them as leaders in the field of academics and behavior modifications. YMU creates trackable results

Robert J. Davis

Robert Davis


Young Man University is a forerunner in its innovative methods with reaching our youth. There success is well documented. I think that the consistency in which YMU operates is what gives it a competitive edge. It is a pleasure to not only observe the extraordinary work but to associate with them as well. I hope that your city as well as others will make good use of this business

Dr. Kevin Greer